Our electronics services encompass sound system updates, including but not limited to loudspeakers, Bluetooth, and iPhone integrations so you can enjoy your music your way. For those times when your hands are full of groceries, we offer power liftgates on certain vehicles. Just simply press and go, the power liftgate will take care of the rest! For added convenience, we also offer a HomeLink system that is compatible with up to 3 remote control devices, including garage door openers, gate openers, and automated lighting. Let us help you simplify your life!

Leather Seating

Transform your seats with a new leather interior to add luxury and style to your vehicle.

Heated Seats & Cooled Seats

There is nothing worse than a cold seat in the dead of winter, a quick fix is a heated seat installation. We also can install cooled seating for those hot summer days. Our heated and cooled seats are easy to control and do the job every time!  With a small button on the side of your seat, the heat/cooling turns on and off with a quick flip.

Remote Starts

Save yourself from having to walk outside to start your car in plunging cold winter temperatures or record high heats. We offer remote start systems that allow you to fire your engine from a comfortable distance. Our one way operating system is 2 one button remotes with 800 feet of distance but you have to see the car to know if it started. The two way system has 2 one button remotes with a range of one mile and will get a signal on the remote that the vehicle has started. Our smart start is controlled by your phone and can be started anywhere as long as the user and phone have service. Please contact us if you have specific questions about a specific model and want to know more about these wonderful products.

Avital 1 Way Remote Start

2 one button remotes with range up to 800 feet.
One way communication, have to see vehicle to know if it started.

Avital 1 Way Remote Start with Keyless Entry

2 four button remotes with range up to 1,000 feet.
One way communication with lock, unlock buttons, and trunk release.

Viper 2 Way Remote Start

2 one button remotes.
1 remote has two-way communication, car will send signal back to remote for start confirmation. Good up to a mile range.
1 remote has one-way communication good up to 2,500 feet

Viper Smart Start

Works with Android or Apple smart phones. Can be started from anywhere as long as user and vehicle have phone service. Does require yearly service plan as you are giving vehicle phone service. Plans start around $69.95 per year

Dash Cameras

You never want to be without video footage of an accident, especially when it may be their fault. Our dual dash system makes it so you have a camera on both the front and the back of your car to make sure that you can catch everything on film. As well as footage of the incidents, it can prevent theft and fraudulent claims. With a bunch of storage and sensors that record when the car is bumped or lifted, you can feel secure in leaving your car. Our dash camera is a universally fitting, so it can fit in any car.

Keyless Entry

Add the convenience of keyless entry to virtually any vehicle – even vehicles without power door locks! Avital’s keyless entry system offers a wide variety of convenience features. This keyless entry allows old cars without remote locks to be added.

DVD Options

Seatback entertainment systems and headrest DVD systems for the whole family to enjoy during those long car rides. This headrest system comes with screen, remotes, and great audio output.


We want you to be a responsible driver, so adding bluetooth is a great way to do that. The Hands-Free system allows you to push a button on your wheel while driving to connect you to access your calls with a push of a button. It allows you to turn up and down the volume as well with the same button and is voice activated. This is wired into your steering wheel for convenience and is directly connected to the radio.

Please call for vehicle availability and price

Power Liftgate

Add convenience to your life with a powered lift-gate! These can be quickly added to your vehicle and you will not regret it. Allows you to open and close your liftgate with a push of a button instead of a slam.

Please call for vehicle availability and price

Back up Camera

Add a backup camera for added safety and those crazy Illinois drivers. With the added protection you’ll find this a great addition to your mirror or your middle console.

Please call for vehicle availability and price

Bed Lights

If your truck didn’t come with bed lights and you want to see your cargo at night, we can install them! From hard wired to your truck to battery operated, we will get it lit. Lights inside the bed of your truck that illuminate the entire bed.

Please call for vehicle availability and price

Additional Services: