Rain guard

Rain guards allow you to crack the windows during rain, snow or if you’re a smoker this is your dream accessory. By design the guard pushes snow, rain and hail away from the window allowing a small gap to be opened that couldn’t be opened before.

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Bug shield

Did you know that dead bugs actually can hurt your paint? Using a bug shield can help lessen that problem. The way that bug shields are designed, the air will be redirected into flowing over your car, lessening the chance that one of the bugs lands on your paint and windshield. Another perk of bug shield is the protection from salt, small road debris and rocks from hitting and chipping the paint on the front end of your truck. 

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Tie down

Hate when your cargo slips from place to place? Tie downs will secure your cargo in the bed of your truck.

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Seat covers

Whether you want to protect your seats, add color or change the color of your seats, we have you covered. Seat covers are very specific to the vehicle so bring your car or truck down to us and we will see what is perfect for you!

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Cargo Organizers

Cargo organizers keep your odds and end exactly where you want them, These can come in the options of under the seat/in the cab, in the cargo area, with the tailgate and even in the console.

Cargo organizers – prices vary by option so call for specifics.

Hitches and Wiring

Attached at the rear of your vehicle to help tow and pull trailers, boats and racks.

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