Summer Specials

* Level Kits fit most vehicles

Avital Remote Start Systems

Avital 1 Way Remote Start

2 one button remotes with range up to 800 feet.
One way communication, have to see vehicle to know if it started.

*269.00 Installed

Avital 1 Way Remote Start with Keyless Entry

2 four button remotes with range up to 1,000 feet.
One way communication with lock, unlock buttons, and trunk release.

*309.00 Installed

Viper Remote Start Systems

Viper 2 Way Remote Start

2 one button remotes.
1 remote has two-way communication, car will send signal back to remote for start confirmation. Good up to a mile range.
1 remote has one-way communication good up to 2,500 feet

*369.00 Installed

Viper Smart Start

Works with Android or Apple smart phones. Can be started from anywhere as long as user and vehicle have phone service. Does require yearly service plan as you are giving vehicle phone service. Plans start around $69.95 per year

*499.00 Installed

Due to COVID-19, our suppliers have to raise transportation and supply costs. To help offset this, we have a shop fee for supplies that is a small percentage of the total cost, not to exceed $10.00 Maximum.